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A sandy hello from the summer bike-holidays in southern France 2006

In the meantime (see below) I play soccer in the Womens Soccer Club Blue Stars in the juniors league C a

We even compete in international tournaments!    :-)                  


Unravelling the 2006 christmas present ...


... my allround-foto-music-games-fitness-cellular-phone

Now I have more time to play the piano - here when celebrating christmas at my grandmas place in Aarau!

 Summer holidays 2006 in southern France

After the dessert        :-)

Ferry traversing with the bikes in the Camarque

At the pool in the Hapimagresort 'La Madrague' in southern France


Fooling around with my neighbour and friend Muriel in our cottage in Amden ...

... and at the 'Lake Klöntal'

More recent pictures will be added above!

Hi, that's me, thirsty

after my main hobby

(see also below and above!)

on the right, my godfather is dying my hair with blonde stripes
...and that... the worst picture of me, becaus I am going to drop... into the ...

Noo - just kidding       ;-)

This apple tree was my wish for my third birthday! In the meantime it carries very tasty fruits every year! A small portion of my room. If you look carefully, you can see my collection of Ferraries.
Now for persons wearing glasses, here are the Ferraries in big ...
part of my Ferraris, where collected from under the >>>

or I bought them myself.

Now here we reach my main hobby, soccer. I played in the FC Uitikon for some years with the E-juniors, but now play in the Womans Soccer Club Blue Stars in Zürich (see above!)

and finally there's piano playing, which I enjoy very much

You can reach me at

svenja.obrist AT

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