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Little introduction ...

... who belongs to which foot ?

Summer 2006 relaxing after a hot bike tour in southern France


Family reunion picture for family Savla in Mumbai, which we will visit soon!

<<<< We live in a beautiful place with enough food for everybody even in winter time.

Nevertheless, we very much enjoy the regular stays in our cottage >>>>

In summertime, we start from the cottage to mountain hikes,
to go swimming or paddle the canoe in the Walensee,
or just enjoy the quiet relaxing.

The view from the cottage is fantastic in all seasons (except when the fog is rising to high ...)

We also like to travel further during holidays. Here we visit friends in Burghausen in Bavaria and start for a bike tour from there.
Swimming and snorkeling is also fun much closer, for example in the Türlersee in summer 2003! We regularly go hiking, either from Amden or in the Engadin, here with Grandma and Sara and Timo, the cousins of Corinne and Svenja.
Speaking of relatives: here you can find the family tree of our family, including:

Obrist, Bösch, Weibel, Joos, usw. ...

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