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That's me ...

... and ... my two 'bad sides' ->

short-haired since lately!
... drinking coffee and eating chocolate                          :-)

My dear sister and me are inseparable :-)

What are we going to eat today? Deciphering the menu during bike holidays in southern France 2006

Summer bike and bath holidays in southern France 2006

Evenings glow on the nose

Pushing bikes uphill in southern France - the sun burnt so hot!

Excursions and encounters with friends
Voluntary service on a farm in 2006 together with Lena in Meisterschwanden...

...Lena weeding (leek?) in a leek field...

Travelling through Switzerland with my two best friends

Summer 2006 - excursion to Locarno in the southern part of Switzerland together with Noemi und Lena...

Locarno in pouring rain - supposed to be mid-summer in the canton of Tessin!

Warm-up in a Coffee-shop after the rain

More recent events are added above

That's how I was once ...

... 12 years later ...
and that was 2002...

My hobbies are ...

preferably very thick books, like the ones about Harry Potter...

handicrafts, e.g. pottery (occasionally...)

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Sports: swimming, dancing,
My resumé or curriculum vitae
Yes! ok more precisely August 1. 1990
in Toronto, Kanada,
the country with the beautiful National Parks
No way!       ;-)      just kidding

Sure, I visited the primary school in Uitikon for 6 years, at the moment I visit the class 4d at the Wiedikon High School

my older cousin Sara

and of course the younger cousins, that adore me :-)
I hate
dark caves, old tombs and similar eerie stuff, except for halloween

hiking, unless to cool locations

Ich love
books, peanut-butter, the colour orange


my godmother >>>>

here she dyes my hair ....

horses, like here in the summer holidays 2003

I can be reached under

corinne.obrist AT

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