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Once upon a time...

...and christmas 2003, cooking caramel...

...mmhh, delicious!

But I also like to eat and cook hot food ...
and in parallel enjoy a beer. The hops growing on our house will not be touched for this, though! That one is pure decoration and the garden is Christas domain.

What else do I like to do in spare time?
Building dams with Corinne and Svenja when hiking in the mountains

woodworking, be it furniture ...

...or the wooden cedar canoe, which I regularly use to explore Swiss lakes with my family.

The red "Ferrari" was my allweather rough 4WD transporter - until rust parted us - now I'm a more economic Fiat Panda 4x4 driver :-)

as zoologist I appreciate everything with legs, fins or wings

whose relatives I keep for depriving them of theyr honey - see below

not everybody will be thrilled about these roll-over images ... may be more so by that one to the right ...

My affection for animal life extends up to stuffed animals, under-water life ... ><{{('> and /\^..^/\ bats ^v^

Together with a collegue I am bee-keeping at the apiary of the MZU Uitikon. Presently we are renovating the beehouse.

There is lots of space for many hives, but this means also lots of work...

the scuba diving equipment - drying in the basement...
My Nikon F90X with 20mm, 35-85mm, 180 mm,und SB-260 is less often in use lately. Slides taken with my Rollei 35 are of comparable sharpness.

But since owning a digital camera, and ... and appropriate underwater casing,the hobby shifts toward digital...

Now since I replaced the F90X with a D200 and added the Nikon 18-200VR zoom, there's still another new twist to digital photography :-)
Last but not least ... I like star gazing, astronomy ! - Since High School a lasting hobby:


Obviously we do not take such spectacular shots in our astronomy club, the 'Astroclub Solaris Aarau', but we try our best!

Whirlpool galaxy

I can be reached at my offfice at the WSL :

martin.obrist AT

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